Innovation, agility, adaptability.  Superior results.

Resolution Re is a Bermuda-based long-term insurer, focused on life and annuity reinsurance and innovative risk transfer solutions.  Our guiding principle is to be a partner to global insurers, providing stability throughout all economic cycles.  As part of a global organization, we bring together a team of international experts to tailor reinsurance solutions to the diverse business needs of life insurers worldwide.

In 2017, Resolution Re was established in Bermuda and subsequently registered as a Class E long-term insurer, focused on life and annuity reinsurance and other risk transfer solutions to both third parties and affiliates.    Resolution Re entered into its first treaty, reinsuring a closed block of annuity business from a United States cedent on a modified coinsurance basis.   By 2019, Resolution Re had approximately $1.2bn of GAAP capital and continued to build its governance structure and functional teams.   Today, Resolution Re boasts an experienced management team, industry-leading talent and substantial capital, currently managing $7.5bn of structured settlement policies.

Despite our rapid growth, we possess the agility and resources to support insurers in finding the right solutions for complex challenges.  Resolution Re constructs innovative reinsurance solutions for in-force life insurance portfolios, allowing insurers to optimise their risk management.

We believe that sound principles of corporate governance are a key element of our business, and the Board is deeply involved in providing continuing insight and clarity into our governance process.  The Board ensures strict adherence to risk standards supporting a high-quality balance sheet.