Our History

Since 2003 to date, Resolution Life and previous vehicles founded by Clive Cowdery under the Resolution brand have deployed over US$18bn of equity in the acquisition, reinsurance, consolidation and management of life insurance companies.

Together, these companies have acquired the proud history of over 180 life insurers, served the needs of  c.13 million policyholders while managing over US$375 billion of assets.

This strong track record has attracted many investors, including leading financial institutions, insurance companies, superannuation, pension and sovereign wealth funds, and family offices.

In October 2022, we entered into a new strategic partnership with Blackstone. The partnership combines our global liability management platforms with Blackstone’s insurance asset management capabilities and solidifies our position as a leader in the multi-trillion-dollar global life and annuity consolidation market.

We're resolutely committed to protecting financial futures.

To do this, we combine our specialist knowledge with AI-powered technology to responsibly administer the existing policies with which we have been entrusted.

We’ve pioneered a method of managing our assets that protects everyone’s interests. Insurers. Advisers. Investors. And most importantly, Policyholders. Our approach ensures that promises given in the last century will be honoured in this one – and ultimately enables our industry to grow and evolve.

Our business model

Enabling our industry to evolve.


We take the responsibility of policies from established life insurance companies who are looking to simplify and reinvest in their businesses. By combining our depth of insurance knowledge with AI-powered technology, we’re able to expertly manage these life insurance policies while providing protection to our policyholders.


We choose not to spend money on attracting new policyholders. Instead, we invest in systems and talent that are purely focused on servicing existing policies. Our specialists fulfil our responsibilities with dedication and care for our customers.


Our global scale allows us to manage our investments, policies and business more efficiently. We have a strongly capitalised base which supports our continuing growth. All this empowers us to create a sustainably profitable life insurance business.