We know our values, and what is important to our success. Here are some of the traits we look for in prospective employees.

Our Guiding Principles

Do the right thing

Our purpose is to protect the financial futures entrusted to us. It’s also why our work is so highly and strictly regulated. For us, doing the right thing in the right way is of crucial importance. Reputations and livelihoods are at stake.

We must act with integrity in all we do, and take individual ownership of our shared responsibilities.

Thinking on our feet

Life insurance can be an inflexible service where process sometimes takes precedence over people. We recognise that things aren’t always perfect and information isn’t always complete. Unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect (and neither are we yet). But we have shown we can adapt and take the initiative.

We must stay agile, think on our feet and act decisively to do the right thing for policyholders.

Make it clear

Effective communication is key to fulfilling our purpose. Too often, our industry defaults to using jargon and alienates people with inaccessible or confusing language. From company directors to advisers to policyholders, trust is won when people know where they stand.

We must be clear, accessible and straightforward, simplifying the complex where we can.

Lead with resolution

Our pioneering business model proves we can lead change. But we need to make sure a culture of purposeful leadership is instilled in everyone – whether they join us through choice or acquisition.

We must keep raising the bar with entrepreneurial thinking and the courage to challenge convention.

Champion inclusivity and diversity

We must do better in diversity, equity and inclusion. We work in a traditional sector, that is still run in traditional ways. We have a long way to go before our people represent the societies they serve. So to keep evolving, we’ll champion new perspectives.

We must advocate for equal opportunity and ensure everyone’s voice is heard and respected.

Obsess about our customers

We’ve been entrusted with the policies from established life insurance companies. These policyholders need to feel confident that we’ll act in their best interests should they need us.

We need to see the world from their perspective and understand their experiences and act with empathy.