Resolution Re Ltd

Resolution Re is our global reinsurance operation, based in Bermuda.

We reinsure the financial and insurance responsibilities related to existing portfolios of policies sold by established life insurers in other parts of the world, primarily the US, Europe and Asia. This means we invest the assets that come with the portfolio, and make pay outs when there is a claim or a policy that matures. The policyholder administration remains with the insurance company that originally sold the policy.

Resolution Life Australasia

At Resolution Life Australasia we serve the mature life insurance markets of Australia and New Zealand, buying portfolios of existing life and savings policies from established insurers that want to free up capital.

As part of the acquisitions, we assume responsibility for the customers. Our 1,104 employees serve c.1.1m customers.

Resolution Life US

We acquire existing life and annuity portfolios from US insurance companies, acquiring the assets and liabilities through both reinsurance and the purchase of legal entities.

Our head office is in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and we have an office in New York. Our 470 employees serve 1.1m customers.