We are a community of talented, high performing, passionate people who are spread across the globe.

Although many of our executive team members have worked together since 2003, our latest venture was launched in 2018. So, while we are technically not a new business, in many respects we still have a ‘start up’ culture.

Our world is dynamic and rewarding.

We are innovative and creative. We are thinkers as well as do-ers.

We are progressive problem solvers. Pioneers, even.

We are optimistic and encouraging. We are all moving in the same direction, for the same purpose.

Learning and Development

We seek out talented, ambitious people with first-class credentials and experience, coupled with the right mindset. We then commit to their personal and professional development, and to further advancing their careers.

We hope to offer our people a career, not just a job.

Because we are a small, yet very fast-growing, company, we value flexibility, initiative, curiosity, collaboration, passion and resilience.

Every day is an opportunity to grow. The learning and development opportunities we offer include sponsoring post graduate qualifications, supporting the completion of executive-level short courses, enabling staff to attend conferences and educational events, online learning, on the job training, and mentoring by highly experienced business leaders.

Diversity and Inclusion

We value our diversity.

We know there is strength in the unique backgrounds and life experiences of our people. A diverse and inclusive workplace is likely to be an innovative, high-performing workplace.

We are building a culture of genuine inclusion where all our colleagues can thrive and reach their full potential. We foster an environment where many voices are heard, and all opinions are invited, considered and valued.

Our career structure, policies and initiatives have been developed with an emphasis on equal opportunity and transparency. We actively promote diversity – not just of gender and race, but also of ethnicity, sexual orientation, generation, personality, religious beliefs, and thinking.


So, what should you expect by way of salary and other benefits?

We offer competitive remuneration and a package of benefits expected from an innovative company. This includes access to a generous bonus scheme, health and life cover.