POSTED 16 April 2020

Resolution Re has donated US$40,000 to the Bermuda Emergency Fund for Covid-19, administered by the Bermuda Community Foundation (BCF).

Steve Hales, CEO Resolution Re said: “Resolution Re is a relative newcomer to the island, having set up in late 2018. From the very beginning we have been made to feel welcome in Bermuda at all levels and so it is only right that we help to support the community at this most distressing time. Business continues, but lives and health come first.”

Pam Williams, Corporate Social Responsibility coordinator for Resolution Re said: “As Bermuda contends with the coronavirus, Resolution Re recognises that there are many vulnerable groups in society that need immediate assistance. Our Bermuda staff met virtually to determine how we could best help and unanimously voted to support the Bermuda Emergency Fund.”

Myra Virgil of BCF said: “On behalf of the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response effort, we are so honoured to have the support of Resolution Re. The Emergency Fund represents an important way for our community to give collectively to a set of essential services, as guided by national priorities for managing this pandemic, island-wide. Thank you to Resolution Re for your generous contribution to this effort.”

Download as a PDF: Resolution Re donates US$40,000 to the Bermuda Emergency Fund for COVID-19

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